Update from client:

The client would like to show Malta as a venue for a short break for both the younger generation and the more affluent couples looking for a short break. The target audience which we would like to aim for is the 20-35 age group.

If possible, show the variety of activities which people can undertake while on a short break in Malta.

This can focus on a number of different sectors, some of which are:

– City break in Valletta: making use of boutique hotels and the services available

– Traditional gastronomy of the Maltese Islands

– History & Culture (St John’s Co-Cathedral, 3 Cities, Forts & other war sites)

– Up-market tourism product (Spa & Wellness): We can arrange with a 5 star hotel for this sort of filming

– Nightlife.

Suggested areas for exploration.

1. Military History

2. Pre history

3. Renaissance Baroque Architecture

4. Walled Cities (four in all in Maltese Islands)

5. The Religion – the Knight Order of St John’s and its influence on Maltese society

6. Our food – where does it come from?

7. Our Religion and its influence.

8. The economy of a Rock in the Med.

9. Games people play.

10. A live film set.

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