The Malta Location Shoot and Post-Production Processing (MLS&PPP) mobility will provide 30 BOA Creative Media BTEC Level 3 students with placements in Malta which will expose them to specialist post-production training (organised by the St Martin’s Institute) and the opportunity to use this new knowledge in industry standard film location environments, working on real-life tourism sector assignments organised in association with the Maltese Tourism Authority. The placements will take place over a period of 24 months with 3 sets of 10 BOA students visiting Malta for a period of 2 weeks.

Following our fact-finding and reconnaissance trip to Malta in July 2013, and extensive meetings and discussions with our host organisation, it was concluded that we should re-schedule our flows to coincide with the cultural activities that will be taking place in the host country at the time, as that would be more relevant to the client’s (Malta Tourism Authority) needs and representative of Malta’s unique attractions.

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