Production Diary

Today we had our first MarBoa meeting. We sorted out accommodation and job roles for the project. We have all been split into two teams, team 1 and team 2. We are team one, and our roles within the team are:

  • Teya: production manager
  • Megan: production manager
  • Jake: director
  • Alex: camera
  • Gurdev: researcher
  • Justina: researcher

Within our team we came to the decision that we will have a production meeting every Wednesday at 1pm. This will be to discuss progress and future plans. There is a MarBoa blog where Teya and myself will upload our research, we each got an area to research and will discuss what we have found in our next meeting. Here is what each of us will be researching:

  • Justina: attractions
  • Teya: Gozo Island
  • Gurdev: history of Malta
  • Alex: events and the carnival
  • Jake: modern Malta
  • Megan: night life

We also discussed that it might be a good idea to do a questionnaire to hand out to people that have already visited Malta to see what kind of sights they went to see and find out what they enjoyed the most about Malta. We will further discuss this in our next meeting.

Today, Teya and I went into the LRC to have a meeting. We decided that doing a questionnaire would be a good way to find out more about the types of people that go to Malta and how they spent there time whilst there. Here are 10 questions we came up with:

  • Age?
  • Gender?
  • Have you visited Malta?
  • Where did you stay?
  • Why did you visit Malta?
  • How did you spend your time?
  • Have you ever visited the Island Gozo?
  • If yes, what did you enjoy the most about the island?
  • What would you recommend about Malta?
  • Anything else you would like to add about your time in Malta?

We discussed how we wanted to portray Malta, we decided that we wanted to find out about the less obvious attractions and take a look at the people who live in Malta and their way of life. We want to step out of main Malta and find more out about the locals and what they do. We are going to look at local villages and find out about specialist food and drink and just try to get an idea of what living in Malta is like.
We are going to do 2 mood boards, one about popular Malta and all the main tourist attractions and the other about local Malta and the less obvious attractions. This will help us decide how we want to portray the tourist video and also build on are knowledge of Malta as a whole.

In today group meeting we took our photos to upload onto the MarBoa blog, we are each going to write a profile about ourselves to go next to our picture. We plan to upload them within the next few days.

We discussed who we want to aim the video at, so who we want the target audience to be. We came up with the idea that we could target it at a variety of people and show that there is something for everyone in Malta. Our main target audiences are:

  • Students
  • Travellers
  • Family’s
  • Older people 50+

We discussed that we could find something for every one instead of just sticking to one specific target audience, and therefore attract more people as there is something there for everyone.
The next thing we discussed was getting in contact with the Malta students we will be working with, and seeing if they could take some pictures of local Malta for us to help us with our research. We thought it would be a good idea if we could start generating ideas with them now as it will massively help us with planning the video.
We are going to have one folder where we will store all our research and take with us to Malta, however, we are also going to have individual folders so we each have a copy of all our work for the MarBoa project.

In our meeting today we discussed what the next step for research was, we came up with ‘hidden Malta’, meaning what things are hidden and not as well known to the target market. We want to research and find out what else there is to do in Malta other than the obvious tourist attractions. Our aim in the video is to highlight all the hidden parts of Malta that people are not necessarily aware of. We also want to make sure we have a clear understanding of the history of Malta, it is important that we are aware of their heritage, culture and religion, so we will also be researching that aswell.
We have set a deadline for all our research we set ourselves in the first meeting, to be handed in and put in the folder by Thursday 30th. That way we can move forward and start researching more in depth and narrow down our ideas.
Along with researching local Malta, we want to do a bit of research about the political side of Malta, we are going to do this by looking at news articles and any other sources we can find, Jake and Gurdev are going to research into this ready for our next meeting. Teya is going to look at films that have been made in Malta, this will be interesting as we can see how they portray Malta and what techniques are used.

The questionnaire has been written up and we are all going to have copies of it so we can hand it out to friends and family and also put on social networking sites to ensure we get some responses. The questionnaire will help us a lot with finding out what people already think of Malta and what attractions they are already familiar with.

Before we head off to Malta we need to ensure that our camera people are confident in using the cameras, we are going to do a practice session to ensure we know how to correctly use them, therefore, we can be as professional as possible when shooting in Malta. Last of all, we had a quick discussion about picking a name for our team. We want something creative and unique so we agreed to brainstorm some ideas and share them in the next meeting, where we will hopefully pick one.

Today in the meeting, we found out that our client has put some information on the blog about what they want in the video, so we can now do more precise research to be on track with our client. They told us that the target audience for the video is 20-35, and they want to show the variety of activities people can undertake whilst on a short break in Malta. So we are going to do thorough research on the different activities there is to do there whilst also taking the target audience into consideration.
Another point they made was that they want an up market tourist product and will be able to allow us access to 5 star hotels for filming, therefor, we are going to research different resorts and hotels to portray that Malta is a more premium place to be.
Malta have a newspaper called ‘times of Malta’, it had lots of local stories about what’s going on in Malta so we are going to have a look at them and find out the local news.
We discussed that it would be helpful to research Malta’s military history and Malta over the last 400 years. We are going to look at pre history (BC) and war cities. This will help us understand Malta as a whole and their religion and influence.
Our group has decided that we are still going with the idea of hidden Malta, and are currently undergoing research to support this. We are going to do two treatments, one for 20/25 target audience and the other for 25+.

Today in the meeting we handed in our research to put into the folder. We went around and each discussed our area of research. Jake has been in contact with a women who lives in Malta and has a blog where she regularly posts about how she spends her time in Malta. We are seeing if she can give us some information about the area of Malta in which she lives, and also see if we could possibly meet up with her during our time in Malta.

According to statistics Malta is apparently the 3rd best place to dive in the world, however, only 5% of people go to Malta to dive. We want to raise awareness of Malta’s amazing diving facilities so more people will go there to dive, the target age is18-25. It is definitely something we want to include in our video.

We have several different ideas about what we want the video to be like, we have decided that we are all going to do a treatment each so each area is covered and we also then have a choice of which road we want to go down.

Jake – social aspects, bars, nightlife ect
Gurdev – food
Jestina – honeymoons
Teya – diving
Alex – military/history
Megan – local villages

Next meeting we are going to review our treatments and also discusses all the research we have gathered so far. We have each got a copy of the questionnaire which we are currently handing out to friends and family that have been to Malta. We will write a review on the questionnaire results when we get them back.

Today we had 5 lectures from different media professional in St Martins college. The first speaker was the principle of the college Charles. The tittle of his presentation was called ‘my Malta’, and he told us a few things about his country. The population of Malta is 417,970 as it is only a tiny island. He explained some of Malta’s history and how it was a military base and built by St John. Malta is a eurozone country and has been a member of the EU since 2004. Malta has a low level of crime, and is a very safe country to be in. Charles finished his presentation by talking a bit about the up and coming carnival in Valletta, he talked about how it is traditional for children to dress up in costume and some dress up as St John’s soldiers aswell. The carnival is celebrated ever year and floats are made to ride down the streets.

The second guest speaker was a man called Jean Pierre Magro, who is a writer, producer, and PHD researcher. His presentation was on transmedia and how the future of storytelling is transmedia. He wanted to be a story teller but the island was too small. He did his first documentry on the island and got a job for a history Chanel and worked for 4 years. He then went on to study in California and was the 9th person in the world to complete a PHD in transmedia.

The third guest speaker was Mr Dodzo and he talked to us about impact of media on society. He explained how “Media is everywhere”. You could be across the other side of the world and still contact people through media, eg: Skype, texts, calls ect. He talked to us about the Hyperaemic needle theory and explained how we rely on media a lot. He asked us the question what would we do without media for a day? And a lot of us had the same answer that we wouldn’t be able to cope with no internet and news ect.

The fourth guest speaker was Jonathan Barbara who spoke to us about gamification and how games support transmedia. He showed us loads of clips to do with interactive games, the first example was the joker interactive game where loads of people all over the world got together to participate in a live game going around Gotham city gathering clues that the joker had left. He also gave other examples such as Halo 2 and the film ‘The Mummy’. He gave an example of Trans medial games such as Warcraft. He explained that in 2004 wow was a massive multiplayer online role playing game, that evolved over the years and is now other formats such as board games and card games and there are now even books, comics and a film coming out soon too.

The final guest speaker was a man called Dominic who is a sports photographer. He travels to different countries taking photos of different sports matches and events. He was born in Malta, and as well as a freelance photographer he is also a football writer and writes reports for the UEFA official site. He has always wanted to be a sports photographer and has had a passion for it since he was young. He does other photography as well as sport, and has worked for clients such as HSBC. Dominic showed us a slides how of all his best photography and talked us through what makes a good sports photographer.

Today we started off with a visit to the presidents summer house, where we were given a tour of the quarters, we then went to the walled town of Mdina, where we were given a guided tour around the city learning about its history and culture. From there we visited the Domus Romana, here we learnt about the Roman period of Malta. After we made our way to to St Pauls Cathacombs. In The afternoon we made our way back to St Martins to be introduced to our client from the maltese tourism authority. We were given a talk about what the client wanted, and was given the chance to ask questions. From there we shall now start finalising ideas and start production.

Today we solidified the structure concept and organised the shooting schedule. To begin with there was a lot going round in circles as we did not have a clear vision of what the main focus/focuses were therefore there was nothing to develop further. Afterwards we gathered our thoughts and formatted our idea into three topics ;

  •  Enjoy
  • Discover
  • Explore

After we organised our format we then made a shooting schedule concerning the locations and what places would be easier to get to concerning time, after that Gurdev and Jake (the directors) talked about the narrative of the piece and how each topic was going to be portrayed in terms of the characters involved as well as the target audience.

The group is full of creative thinkers with creative ideas as a result the was a lot of clashing however now that we have put ourselves on a track we are all clear on we feel that the rest of the production will be very progressive.

Today we travelled back from Gozo. On the way back to spachcaffe, Megan, Teya, Guvdev and Alex stopped off to take a few shots outside a church and capture the view overlooking the sea. Unfortunately the church was closed so we were unable to film inside, however, we feel that we have enough church and cathedral footage anyway so we were not at a loss. After we were happy with the shots we headed back to sprachcaffe where we carried on with our pre production. Megan, Teya and jake started working on the power point for the presentation that needs to be ready by Wednesday. Jake and Teya are going to be presenting the presentation in front of our client and a few other guest on Wednesday night, so the team are focused to get it completed.

Today Teya and Alex went to Marsaxlokk to film the fish market at 8 in the morning. The rest of the team apart from Jestina and Gurdev went to Valletta to film the carnival. The weather for the carnival wasn’t the best as it was raining and cold. However, that didn’t stop people coming to Valletta in costume to enjoy the fun. We saw lots of children with colourful and creative costumes on which we managed to capture on film. We got them to wave and smile at the camera and despite the rain everyone was in good spirit. Slowly as the day went on Valletta started to fill up and we got lots of crowd shots to show the popularity of the carnival. The rain was a bit of a problem as a lot of the shots had umbrellas in which gave away that the weather was bad and spoilt some shots. However, we over came this by picking our shots more carefully and trying to miss out the umbrellas. Luckily, the weather brightened up in the afternoon just in time for the floats to come down the street. Megan and Bernard stayed and filmed the floats and dance show whilst jake and Willbert went to a location where some of world war Z was filmed. We all met back up in Valletta later on in the afternoon.

Teya and Alex came to Valletta to get some more shots of the carnival whilst jake, Megan, Willbert and Bernard went to Mdina to get some night time shots.

Whilst we were out all day, Jestina and Gurdev wrote a schedule for the next three days so we know exactly what we are doing on each day, what we need to film and what time we will be filming it. The schedule has helped us be more organised as we know what is happening on each day and also helps are Jeremy who is driving for us as he knows when and what time he is needed and also where he is going.

Today two of our team had to return to Gozo which was a massive inconvenience as we had already been Gozo for a shoot but there was confusion with the the camera and the camera crew thought the battery was dead however there was a spare battery which gave us no footage for the Gozo element of Malta, so Gurdev , Jestina and Jeremy all had to make a trip to Gozo to shoot everything we didn’t get to capture the first time round. This was very frustrating as it very time consuming to backtrack when we were slightly behind schedule already. On our way to Gozo we shot Popeye village we did not really capture elements up close of the actual experience because the environment was not lively and shooting a place known for having a lively atmosphere and

shooting it when there isn’t any is a hindrance to the product therefore we caught a wide of Popeye to add an element to the exploring video. After that we made our way to Gozo whilst on the ferry we got a few shots the ferry leaving Malta’s port and arriving at Gozo’s port we than driven to a high point in Gozo to take a wide shot of the arriving at the port as well as capturing the landscapes of Gozo and Comino . We then proceeded to Citadella and we got some shots of the entrance as we got considerable amount of the inside Citadella the first time around. The last stop was the Azure window it was slightly more difficult to get the shots we wanted as the tide had come in and the sea was quite violent therefore we could not acquire the shots we originally wanted to get however we worked it to our advantage and got close ups of the violent sea and also it was populated with a lot more tourists therefore making the shots much more interesting. After the shoot before we left we reviewed the footage which was a useful idea as a lot of it was bleached and let too much light in so looking through the shots saved a lot of afford as we re shot the footage and it came out much better. On our way back we also recaptured pop eye village as the lighting was better and we also got a time lapse of the sunset which turned out very useful. This day was very productive and we got a lot done which put the work in to place itself and the path seems clearer of this product.

Teya has been in contact with the diving school over the last week to see if we could film there to capture some diving to put in one of our videos. She called them at 9am this morning and they said it would be too late for us to film there but we are more than welcome to use some of their diving stock footage that they have. This was great news so Teya and jake went to the diving centre at 12pm to pick up the footage. They gave us lots of fantastic footage that will look really nice in our video. Teya and jake also spoke to a man called Steven Galicia who said he has some diving footage that he would like to be made into a video. Teya took his number and is going to be in contact with him to discuss making him a video.

Once Teya and jake had returned from the diving centre, they carried on with writing a script for Wednesday presentation. And jake also carried on with the editing for our 4 videos.

Meanwhile, Alex and Megan started making progress on the restaurant piece for the Artisan Bakery which they went and filmed at the other day. Megan wrote the script for the piece and recorded a voice over to narrate the video. Jeremy kindly translated the interview they filmed with the manager as he answered his questions in Maltese, therefore subtitles are needed in the video. Alex spent the day editing the piece ready for this evening as we are going back to the restaurant for a meal and would like to show the manager the video.

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