We had been given a little bit more information in regards to our brief for when we fly out to Malta. Our audience will be 20-35 year olds. It will also be split into two categories, we will have a product for the younger generation and a product for affluent couples.
After looking around on the new changes elsewhere on the blog we decided to change our research strategy as we felt that, in light of the new information,  our research wasn’t as relevant as we would like it to be.  Our director identified the brief to be “ To show the variety of activities which people can undertake while on a short break in Malta”.
There were also five things on this blog page that were sectors that we could focus on. As we were currently struggling with making our research relevant to our piece, we decided that this is where we would switch our research to as it has come directly from our contacts Malta. These areas would be covered as follows:

– A city break in Valetta – Eleanor

– Traditional gastronomy of the Maltese Islands – Luke

– History and Culture – Jodie

– Upmarket tourism products – Laythan

– Nightlife – Connor

A question that we all decided to keep in mind during research was that if our sector was chosen to make a product about, what would we show?
The thoughts are that they may ask us for a video on one of these topics that we will be sufficiently knowledgeable on the topics. We may even end up combining all of these points into one flowing videos. There were also 10 suggested areas of exploration posted from the client, however we have decided to stick with the sectors to research for now and try to incorporate the 10 areas into our current research. Our group address the suggested areas that have not been explored in our meeting next Tuesday. We have also been asked for two treatments, however we have interpreted that as needing two treatments for each audience. It is difficult to do a treatment at this stage because we do not have much to go on.

Breaking down what we have determined to be the brief, we must first establish what a short break in Malta is.  As well as what activities that our two potential audiences would like to enjoy. We were given the place to get all this information and in order to get it so in-depth, our researcher has said she will need until 14/02/14 to collate it.

We reported back on the holiday shops and the general consensus was that they were a waste of time. They offered very little information that we hadn’t already collected. None of them were able to provide us with statistics about who they sell Maltese holiday packages to.

Some members of the team also played around with the GoPro and shared our findings with the rest of the group. The GoPro is a very useful tool, however we found it’s cons to severely outweigh its pros. You need an app to see what is going on and the app is not easy to use. The connectivity with the app is also a major issue as we found we could not walk very far without loosing connection. We also looked at taking a mini-track, which although does not have a great range, would prove to be very useful.

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