Our profiles were completed and uploaded to the blog after tweaking around with the format and some of the wording.
We discussed the research that we have collected over the past week and found that we had all encountered the same issue. As we do not have a brief we found that it is very difficult for us to get research that we are certain it will be relevant to our production.
We sat and watched a Visit Malta advert that our director showed us.

It was a visual example of what he is aiming for as well as what we should not copy. It was a very useful starting point for the team to see the end product that we are aiming for. A point that we universally agreed on was that it is more likely that the visuals that we capture will be selling the piece.
We also watched a Visit Scotland advert.

This was another example of the sort of thing our director was looking for, the slow, steady, shots. Something else that we have also picked up from the adverts is that the appropriate length is 2-3 minutes. We found that the longer the videos were, the more boring they became. Also, the music or the voiceover that we choose needs to be a traditional Maltese song or voice.
In the meeting we also discussed how we can get primary research. Jodie mentioned that her Granddad and her cousin had been to Malta. Our teacher Mr Pryce also said that he had gone to Malta and that we could ask him some questions about it. The idea was also suggested to send an email round to the staff and see if any of them had been to Malta.  Eleanor volunteered herself to do the questionnaire for these interviews.
The idea was suggested to go into holiday shops and ask them how they market their Malta holidays. We will ask how they sell Malta, what type of people, what their selling points are on the holiday. The production managers have said they will take them on.

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