We got to the St. Martin’s Institute at around twenty past nine and relaxed there, meeting our Maltese peers for the first time. We met Kenneth, Noel, Bernard and Wilbur with Kenneth and Noel being assigned to our group. Charles gave an introductory speech. His talk, titles “My Malta”. Charles spoke about the importance of Malta and the importance of the entire mobility project. Something that was extremely interesting during the speech was that Charles mentioned that on a world map, Malta does not exist. However that does not mean that they are significant. Over the next two weeks we will not be able to shoot in the Hypogeum as they do not allow it, so in order to acquire footage we need to speak to Heritage Malta. In general, after prehistory, Malta became a military island. In World War Two it was described as “An unsinkable aircraft carrier in the middle of the Mediterranean” and that the defenses built by the knights of St. John still standing.

The next talk was on Transmedia by Jean Pierre Magro and turned out to be extremely interesting. Transmedia is the idea of setting up a media world, or universe and that it is essential for the audience to have a great time. The problem is that our stories will never change. We have never had a new story and we probably never will. The first story was discovered and is called the Epic Of Gilgamesh. Monster lives in a cave, monster kills villagers, villagers seek hero, hero gets tools to destroy monster, hero destroys monster. We were also given three key steps in order to create a Transmedia universe:
– Create a map of your universe
– Create a timeline of the place
– Create a genealogy – a Family Tree

Jonathan Barbra, a Computer Sciences professor talked about Transmedia experiences, showing us some good examples. He said that one thing that was essential was to build story brides between the different medias. He also talked considerably about the carnival, mentioning that this year will be the first year that the floats are allowed to satirise the politicians and leaders. This year it is going to be mocking the minister of energy a lot.

Nathan Dodzo’s talk was then on the impact of the media on society, looking at both the positive and negetive effects of it. It was a presentation that required being engaged a lot more  and required much more discussion. Something that was very interesting that Nathan Dodzo mentioned was that media had the potential, and does occasion does warp the audience’s minds. They are the gatekeepers of our information.  A fact that was picked up from the presentation was that Gangnam Style racked up over 1 billion views, in comparison to the Royal wedding, which only gained 750 million views. Audience theories were also mentioned in the talk. An audience theory is a way of describing how the audience receives your media product. An example of an audience theory is the hypodermic needle theory.

An extremely passionate talk came from Domenic Aquilina, the sports journalist. Domenic talked a large amount about his accolades which were extremely impressive.  The thing I found most interesting about Dom’s talk was his passion for his profession and the integrity of photography. When asked what he would be doing if he was not a sports photographer he did not know as he said it was his life. He also got visibly passionate about people photoshopping and touching up pictures too much stating that apart from the normal touch ups he did not do it under any circumstances. It was great to see a speaker so passionate about his profession.

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