The first stop was the Ghar Dalam. It is also known as the “cave of darkness”. It dates all the way back to 5200BC. As we walked closer to the cave we also discovered that it was home to a large amount of earth bees. Earth bees are bees that are without their stingers, which made it a very strange experience. The cave holds so much importance as there were extremely old bones there such as dwarf elephant bones, giant swan bones and more.  It was said that the animals were not originally from Malta, however that there was once a land bridge from Malta to Sicily on which they crossed over and became stuck.

The next stop was Hagar Qin and the Mnajdra, the Neolithic temples. These temples are older than the pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge. Although the temples are only partially constructed, we can see and imagine what would have once been there. This is partly due to it being so old and partly due to the temples being constructed of a softer type of limestone. There is an awful lot of mystery surrounding the temples, as it was so long ago, a large amount of what we know is only assumed knowledge. We only managed to go to Hagar Qin as we got lost on the way and ran out of time.

Afterwards we went to the Hypogeum, an ancient underground burial site. Due to the delicacy of the cave, they only let sixty people in a day, with only ten people at a time. Afterwards we were treated to a visit to the site of the Tarxien Temples. The site features four megalithic structures. Although, both were interesting and gave us a greater knowledge of Malta, We felt as though it wouldn’t directly contribute to the piece, especially as they do not permit filming in the Hypogeum.


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