The first stop was the magnificent Grandmaster Veranada’s palace, which is also    currently used as the President of Malta’s summer house. The amount of art in the place is truly incredible, although a large amount of it is restored as it has been painted over many times. I have found that this is the case with large amounts of Malta’s history, many people throughout history have attempted to remove the history and replace it with their own mark but it is still there.

We then went to the wrong museum, as there was a mix up with the date that we were supposed to go. However, we went and had a tour around the capital of Malta, Valletta. This was a great experience as he was able to talk about the history of the place and show us exactly where it happened. A notable point of the tour of Valletta was going to the Upper Barrakkas. The view from there was incredible and as a group we decided it was a place that we would consider shooting.
We then went to St. Martin’s to obtain our brief from the Maltese Tourist Authority. We were all generally quite excited to get our definitive brief and begin structured planning. The highlights of the talk were:

– Malta does not have a lot of resources to sell, so they sell services, such as tourism or financial.
– Malta initially was a predominately a British tourist destination (around 80%), however they are trying to move away from that. The reasoning for this is because, the British market became so big and Malta began only catering for the British. However the British market has been shrinking and so they need to bring in a more European market.
The main things to include in the piece are:
– The Climate and weather of the Mediterranean
– That fact that it is an island. Generally people think that it being an island gives it a certain charm.
– The hospitality and friendliness of the Maltese people
– The safety and low crime rate of Malta

The MTA representative also gave us our target market as 25-55 year olds, class BC1, at least college level intelligence (preferably graduate level), no families and double income. He also mentioned that the average British tourist’s age visiting Malta is 56 and that they wanted that lower.

A lot of things were mentioned at our group meeting. We discussed our general idea and decided that it would be having a couple having a day in the life of Malta from sunrise to sunset. Things to consider include the activities that the couple does and how appropriate they will be for our demographic. For example, things like shopping, spa breaks, casinos and cultural sights will appeal. The ease of filming and continuity, as the couple may only be available for certain days. It was deciphered from the MTA representative that they were looking for a short break in March for Malta representing one aiming at one of the following areas: Education, Business or Cultural. We crossed education off as that wouldn’t really be feasible for a short break. We went for cultural in the end as we felt that more could be done with it and it fit the audience more

As the couple will be the theme of the piece, we need to look very closely at how we present them. We may not have flexiblility with our actors, so dressing them and their mannerisms are something we need to look at. Also, if we are limited with time with actors then we need make sure our planning is tight.

We only had an hour’s planning today, so we said that for tomorrow we needed to have a complete rigid structure. Our provisional tagline is also: Do what you want to do in a Maltese Way

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