Following on from our meeting yesterday, we received word back from our actors. From our Maltese links, we have gained access to two fairly well known local Maltese actors. We have also been able to get in contact with a composer if we need a soundtrack. We also decided what locations we were going to recce and made a schedule that we need to follow. St. Paul’s Catacombs was another stop on our tour and it was a very interesting place. Although it is said that only Christians were buried in the catacombs, however when treasure hunters went in and raided the catacombs they found very little evidence of this.
One of our final tours was the Palazzo Falson, host to around 4,500 artifacts. The Palazzo Falson is one of the very noble houses in Medina and was owned by a man called Olof Frederick Gollcher. One of the interesting features in the Falson was the French Revolution watch. During the time of the French Revolution, one change they tried to implement was changing the number of hours to 10 in a day. In order to do this they made watches that only had ten hours on them. When this change was not adopted, many of the watches were destroyed, making them collector’s items. Something that also caught our eye was the Fomm Er Rih painting by Edward Lear. It was a cliff face and looked as though it would have been an ideal place to film and so we decided to note it down as a place to recce. On the way back we went to Dingli cliffs, another visually pleasing area Cliffside . In order to save time we used our initial time there as a recce.
The meeting in the evening was extremely productive. We mapped out the product and split it up into eight sections: sunrise, breakfast, two morning activities, lunch, afternoon activities, dinner and sunset We also toyed with the idea of extending the video past sunset and finishing at moonlight, or scrapping the day in Malta idea completely. We also narrowed down our activities that we wanted to do and put them onto our recce. The places are: Marsaxlokk, Blue Grotto, the Birgu waterfront, Upper Barrakka, Sliema waterfront, Portomaso, Medina, Fomm Er Rih, Ghajn Tuffieha and Mellieha.
We will go to Ghajn Tuffieha and Mellieha on Wednesday evening and the rest on thursday.
Here is the location recce schedule:


Name Description Time In Time Out
Golden Sands – Ghajn Tuffieha Sunset/Sunrise Op 4:50 5:15
Mellieha Beaches Sunset/Sunrise Op 5:30 6:00


Name Description Time In Time Out
Marsaxlokk Fisherman’s Market 09:30 09:55
Blue Grotto Lunch by the Temples 10:10 10:30
Birgu Waterfront Harbour 11:00 11:20
Upper Barrakka Landscape 11:35 12:20
Sliema Front Coastal Boar Tour Op 12:45 01:05
Portomaso Restaurant with Harbour 1:20 1:40
Medina Catacombs, walk & museum 2:15 3:10
Mouth of The Wind Edward Lear Painting 3:30 3:50
Ghajn Tuffieha – Golden Sands 3:30 3:50

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