We were invited to the Malta 5D Cinema today as part of our tour to watch a short film about the history of Malta. Although brief, it was a very nice recap and refresher. The 5D cinema included moving seats, bursts of air and water, and three-dimensional viewing.
The next stop was St. John’s Co-Cathedral. In my opinion, the most impressive place we have been to so far on the trip. A constant theme running through everywhere we have been to is the very lavish ceilings. Many of them have incredible artwork, however the artwork on the ceiling of the Co-Cathedral was exceptional. The artist had taken into account the viewer when painting and so up close everything was disproportional, however at the right angle, it looked perfect.
Grandmaster’s armoury was our next visit and was an interesting place to go to. The armoury is over 150 years old and is the current location for the Maltese Houses Of Parliament. Some of the paintings inside th armoury were over 300 years old. An interesting room in the armory was the throne room in which there were paintings hung around the walls that featured the great siege of Malta
We were fortunate enough to be given the privellage of meeting the Mayor of Valletta Alexei. Alexei was an extremely friendly man and spoke to us about the upcoming carnival and Valletta in general. He talked about the immense amount of pride that the citizens of Valletta have for their city. He also talked about the issues that Valletta faces are the same as other capitals only on a smaller scale. As we finished earlier than expected we decided to go to the Fomm Eh Rih as well as the other two locations. However, something that we did not anticipate is the fact that the artist must have gone off the beaten path to get the view that he did which means that we ended up going around an hour off schedule and we did not even make it. This means that we only ended up going to Mellieha to watch the sunset, which ended up being covered by the clouds.

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