Production Diary

Monday 6th October  – Today was the first of many group meetings before heading off to Malta.  We were split into groups and given a rough schedule of what will be happening during the 2 week work placement.  During this meeting we all discussed what will be happening on the trip and was given this blogs login.  Each group assigned one member (myself, Ashley Haycock) to update this production diary and put all work onto this blog.  We were all told to start researching Malta and I created a FaceBook group chat to allow each member of our group to have input on what is happening and share ideas on the lead up to departing.

Sunday 12th October – Today I uploaded research I had done around the island of Malta.

Monday 13th October – Today, Jake, Lauren and myself created a to-do list to help us keep on top of what we want done before we head to Malta.  We added multiple items to the to-do list and added to our research.

Monday 20th October – Today,before our weekly meetings on the lead up to BOA we all had a meeting with Mr Dodzo and Mrs Cheshire, informing us more of what we will be doing whilst on this program.  Following this, more research was added and each of us started working on our personal profiles.  During this we discussed what we wanted our profiles to look like and I started designing the profiles that night, completing mine and starting work on everyone else’s.

Wednesday 22nd October – With everyone completing their individual personal profiles, I set around putting them together on Photoshop.  I managed to complete everyone’s personal profile, customized differently for each member of our group.

Thursday 23rd October – Today I created a new page to hold everyone’s personal profiles and uploaded them to the blog.  At the end of the day we were given a motivational speech by Mr Dodzo and given all essential details for the flight.

Friday 24th October – As today is the last school day before we fly, every person going on this wave had a brief overview of the equipment we will be using.  Everyone helped each other out, ensuring we all knew how to set up the equipment.

Monday 27th October

Today, everyone arrived in Malta after a quite early flight. We were met at the airport and were transported to our accommodation, Sprachcaffe. Once we arrived and settled into our apartment, we were given free time for the rest of the day. All of us decided to walk down to Pacevile, a little town next to our accommodation. After walking around the town for a bit, we headed back to the accommodation and met all of the Maltese students.

Tuesday 28th October

To start off the day we went to the St. Matins Institute, the learning place of our fellow students. Here we had several lectures throughout the course of the day. The first lecture was about the impact of media on our society and how it has changed everyone’s lives in a relatively short amount of time. Following this we had lectures about the tourism in Malta, showing how essential it is to Malta, and the famous archeology of Malta. We then had a short break where all of us went out together for a meal at a small café. We then had our remaining lectures: transmedia storytelling by John Pierre (writer, producer, researcher), the transmedia experience and a presentation from the MRHA, giving us information on Malta and the tourist industry.

Wednesday 29th October

We started today with a tour around the capital of Malta and some of the surrounding cities. It was really interesting, however we did experience our first major patch of really bad weather, something we need to take into account for future filming. Following these tours we went back to Sprachcaffe and were separated into our 2 groups. Here we started discussing initial ideas for our advertising piece. We started with a spider diagram of all our ideas and narrowed it down from there. The Maltese students in our group then considered the transmedia elements of our production and narrowed it down to exactly what they wanted to do.

Thursday 30th October

Today we went on tours around southern Malta, looking at some of the ruins that are situated around there. Once our tours had finished each group went location scouting for their production. Our group went to Montekristo, one of our main locations for the production that needed the most consideration and looking at. After we had talked to a worker at Montekristo and scouted the particular areas in which we wanted to film. We then went back to Sprachcaffe and developed each scene and the transmedia aspect of our production in great detail.

Friday 31st October

Today, went to the island of Gozo, a small island off the coast of Malta. We toured around the island of Gozo, tried some of the local food and went swimming in the ocean. We got back to our overnight accommodation and the Maltese students created the transmedia aspect of our production, the FaceBook pages of our 2 main actors. These pages were given characteristics, developed and will continue to be developed throughout the duration of the trip.

Saturday 1st November

We started off the day by updating the profile pages for Lisa and Carl, the two characters in our advert. We also added the Maltese student’s details to the personal profiles and created a FaceBook group for all of us to discuss and share ideas. Throughout the day we went to 3 different locations and recorded 2 different shots, taking pictures on Scott’s iPod for the FaceBook page. Following this we discussed ideas for our advert, changing the storyline ever so slightly and went back to Malta from Gozo.

Sunday 2nd November

As today was our day off, most people decided to stay home and get some much-needed rest. However Scott, Jake, Steve, Malcom, Keith and myself went location scouting. We went to Golden Sands, Sliema and Mosta. At these different locations we grabbed some pictures of the surrounding area and did practise shots of what we wanted each scene in that location to look like.

Monday 3rd NovemberOur group was split up this morning. Scott was taken to film another video in Valletta and the Maltese students were given a crash course in Premiere-Pro editing. Whilst this was happening, everyone else was completing pre-production. This included the story, shot list, proposal and collecting everyone’s contact details. When everyone got back (we were delayed due to bad weather), we went out recording. Whilst out we shot 4 scenes: 2 in Golden Bay and 2 in Sliema. Once we had finished shooting we went and brought some lights for future recording dates and Scott sorted all the previously recorded footage.

Tuesday 4th November

This morning Scott was taken to Valletta so everyone else continued with pre-production. Whilst we created the call sheets, the Maltese students added content to the FaceBook page and started work on the interactive map of Malta which is part of the transmedia aspect of this project. We later met Scott to film in Valletta and then went to Monte to film. We had a short break following this then went to film in the Intercontinental Hotel during the evening. Scott then organized the footage upon return.

Wednesday 5th November

This morning we went off to Montekristo to film the bar scene. However, we had planned to also film night time scenes at Montekristo but in the end we did not get permission to record there during the night. Therefore we came back to Sprachecaffe, gathered our thoughts and planned the replacement shot. On the night Lauren and myself stayed back to complete paperwork whilst everyone else went to shoot the final scene.

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