Malta, or the Republic of Malta as it is officially known, and consists of 7 different islands in the Mediterranean Sea.  Malta is one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries.  The capital of Malta is Valletta, the smallest Capital city in the European Union.  Malta speaks two main languages, English and Maltese and Catholicism is its main religion.  Malta is a very popular tourist attraction as it houses 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a location that has special cultural or physical significance.

Malta has a subtropical-Mediterranean climate, causing mild winters and hot summers.  It rains mostly during the winter, with summer time being very dry.  Temperatures on average in summer can reach as high as 31.8°C and an average low of 9.9°C in winter.  We travel to Malta in October when the average temperature will be 21.9°C.

The island of Malta is home to 78 uniquely indigenous species.  23 of these indigenous species are plants whilst the other 55 are animals.

Maltese food has influences mainly from England and Sicily, also showing influences from Spain, North Africa and Provence.

The Maltese economy is based upon 3 main things: foreign trade, manufacturing and tourism.  Malta’s main resource is limestone, but only produces around 20% of its required food, has low freshwater stocks due to very dry summers and the only major power source comes from solar power.  However, film production is a growing contributor to the Maltese economy.  The first film shot in Malta was Sons of the Sea back in 1925, and since then over 100 feature films have been shot in Malta.

Tourism is very high in Malta, being one of the country’s main sources of income.  On average, Malta receives 1.2 million each year triple that of the country’s population.

Despite Malta being such a small island, it has a very high car ownership percentage, so high it is the fourth highest in the EU.  Buses are the main method of public transport and are even classed as a popular tourist attraction, being shown on tourist advertisements, as well as gifts and tourist merchandise.

The location we will be staying is called Sprachcaffe.  It appears to be a youth hostel for students wishing to study English.

Sprachecaffe 7

The nearest hospital to where we are staying is the Sptar Mater Dei.  Here is its location on the map:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 17.02.55


Malta is a very religious location with 98% of the population being Catholic with over 360 churches in Malta, Gozo and Comino.  That equates too one church for every 1,000 residents.  There is one Muslim mosque and a Muslim primary school in Malta.  The primary school’s existence is the central point of some controversy on the island.

The biggest newspapers in Malta are The Times and The Sunday Times.  However, due to the language diversity in Malta, half of the papers are printed in English, whilst the other half is printed in Maltese.

A 2010 Charities Aid Foundation study found that Maltese were the most generous peoples in the world, with 83% contributing to charity₉.



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