Team Profiles

10345820_10203790891870854_1763729874352717444_nName: Malcom Tanti

Age: 19

Role: Trans-Media Coordinator

About Me: I am currently reading for a BSc in Creative Computing with Goldsmiths, University of London. I enjoy developing different sorts of things. These include applications in Java and with other Object-Oriented Programming Languages. I am also very knowledgeable in creating websites with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Another thing I enjoy is creating and developing games, with a group of friends of mine, by using the Unity3D game engine.

Skills: Java, C#, HTML, CSS, Basic Javascript.

Name: Steven Farrugia

Age: 19

About Me: I´m currently a student reading for a degree in Computing and Information Systems. My current interests are football, playing the drums and learning new programming languages. In five years time I see myself achieving a masters in Computing, obtaining a higher qualification in Linux administration and also working abroad.

Skills: Java, HTML, Basic Knowledge of CSS, Junior Linux Administrator.

Name: Kristian Ferrando

Age: 20

About Me: I am a second year student reading for my Computing and Information Systems Degree. I enjoy meeting new people from other countries and learning about their cultures. Last summer I worked with an English Language School which allowed me to meet many diverse people from all around the globe. Some of my other hobbies are swimming, sailing, travelling and researching about new and upcoming technologies. My current plan is to acquire my degree and continue my masters in another country.

Skills: Java, SQL, HTML, Basic Knowledge of CSS, Good knowledge of computer hardware, Good Communication Skills.

Name: Ryan Dalli

Age: 21

About Me: I’m currently reading for a degree in Information Systems at St. Martins Institute. I’m usually considered as a very outgoing person with leadership skills. I enjoy meeting new people of different cultures. My aim is to graduate at the end of this course with high marks. My current job is playing football with a first division club in Malta.

Skills: Java, HTML, basic knowledge of CSS

Name: Keith Seisun

Age: 22

About Me: Recently I finished my 2nd Diploma at St Martins Institute of IT Hamrun. In addition, currently I am studying a BsC in Computing and Information Systems and I am in my 2nd year. Moreover I regard myself as having high level of maturity, responsibility and education. Apart from that I am a much organised person especially in my work and whatever target and deadlines I am up to during my duties. Moreover, I think I would be mostly able to communicate and work within a team and individual. In the past I have also been lucky to be involved in the filming industry since I used to work with several local TV Stations and I’ve been part in several dramas that were broadcasted on local TV. Currently I am involved in a production which we are filming a film to represent Malta in the International Film Festival which will take place in December 2015.

Skills: Good Knowledge of Graphic Design Applications ( Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Dreamweaver), Basic knowledge of Opera, Basic knowledge of Octave, Knowledge of Java Programming. Good communication skills

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