Generating Ideas

Idea 1:

Start’s off looking at of the in’s and out’s of religion (Church rituals, services and people paying attention to there religion) Around 30-40 seconds of long cut aways to get the message and meaning across. Then cut to some men in smartly dressed suits(clothing) looking lost in and around a built up, area with big grand business like buildings. They then come to the end of one of the street and all pause for a minute looking around (looking high and low) trying to find some sort of idea where to go? one of the men then reaches for his phone to get some kind of maps up…however he’s got a text from ‘Go Mobile’ with some details about malta and service information. Included in the text is a link to a Maltease app, he press’s download… The app then apears on his phone the instructions are to take a photo of the street name, so he goes on the information comes up, the phone then ask’s “where would you like to go?” he then puts in the location and the best possible route comes up, on the journey there, details come up of local attraction on the way . Through out this process of being lost and confused we do more cut aways of people using the app to get to there destination and the elation on these face of how good the app has been. The end is then the confused men getting to there lunch meeting, in a restaurant, he then takes another picture of the restaurant’s name on the front, it saves in the app, (graphics of zooming into app, and more attractions around the south of Malta come up to help to tourists visiting.)

Idea 2:
A businessman is a stressed traveller, on a break for a long weekend after a busy few months at work. He is uptight, slightly rude and dismissive to the hotel and tour guide staff and he ignores them to take business phone calls. He has a smart suit on, with his shirt still tucked in and his tie and top button still done all the way up. The shots will be as if they have been shot through the eyes of a tour guide who is attempting to show the businessman the sights of Malta. As the video progresses, the man becomes more and more relaxed as he is having fun and learning about Malta, and the film ends with a sunset and the mans tie is loose as he enjoys the view on the golden sands beach.

3. Mdina
4. Dingli cliffs
5. Valletta
6. Venician boats in marinas and harbours
7. Gozo
8. Temples

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