The majorities of Maltese people follow Roman Catholicism and pray regularly. They take religion very formally and consider it a vital part of living and part of their culture. Church celebrations occur on a regular basis and are normally attended to by large masses of the general public. Malta has three patron saints: St Paul, St Publius and St Agatha. Religion is taught to children from a very young age within their schools and they are encouraged to take part in classes in order to prepare them for the Holy Communion and the Confirmation – the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Around 365 churches are said to be set within the island, one of each day of the annual year. The churches are considered to be like works of art for the impressive architecture as well as the enhanced interior of paintings and sculptures.



This video gives us a rough idea of the interior detail and the overall impact and importance of religion in Malta and to deal with it with the upmost respect and fair amount of knowledge.


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