Production Diary

Meeting 1 (11/02/15) –

Met with Mr Dodzo for the first meeting about the MarBoa Project. We were split in to two groups; us being group 1. We decided upon roles and responsibilities and we all have to do research for the next meeting. Research includes history, locations, culture/celebrations, population and Easter.

Meeting 2 (02/03/15) –

In today’s meeting we collected and discussed research that had been conducted. Everyone spoke about what they had looked at. We came up with various, brief ideas around what our video could consist of. We toyed with a character driven idea and something based on places in and around Malta. By next week, we have all got to specify research and bring it to the group.

*We will create a page where we save research and share videos and ideas with one another.


Meeting 3 (13/03/15) Mr Dodzo –

We were told to research the culture and history of Malta in more depth. This is because it’s also a cultural exchange. As a group, we need to create a preproduction folder with at least the research in it. We need to schedule a meeting for next week in order to solidify our idea. When we are in Malta, we have to make sure everyone works as a team. We all need to feel comfortable with the idea and do a job each.

Research the Maltese culture and language in order to be informed about the country that we are going to. This will give us an insight into what we will get to experience whilst in Malta. Malta has a strong connection with Britain. We could highlight this in one of the videos that we will be creating.

This will be a professional experience so it’s very independent. We have to work things out for ourselves which will help us develop our skills with organisation and preparation. We need to make sure that we take numerous pictures in order to document our time in Malta. They will also be useful to post on the blog to go along with explanations about the work we will be conducting.


Meeting 4 (16/03/15) –

We looked at the 3 islands of Malta in order to get an idea of locations. We have decided upon an activity based video. We want to focus on diving, cycling and maybe sailing. There will also be a range of other activities available to people in Malta. We are still deciding upon the music for the video. We have agreed that we like the idea of a character based video. This way, the audience has someone/something to relate to. We may include rock climbing in the video as this is a very dynamic and interesting activity.

When people are shown doing the activities, make sure some are good and others are amateur. This way, people will feel a lot more comfortable when wanting to take part in the activities.


Meeting 5 (18/03/15) –

Emails have been sent out to activity companies in order for us to get permission to film them and see what they have to offer. Will has created a contact profile for these companies so that we have a better understanding of what they do. Our group is very interested in the idea of rock climbing and/or diving. We will use a go-pro and a DSLR in order to capture creative shots.

In addition to this, we discussed some of the events that take part in Malta when we are going e.g the boat race and Easter parade. We as though it would be a good idea to film these events and include them in the final video.


Meeting 6 (24/03/15) –

We got together and listened to some tracks that we could use for the video. We have confirmed that the video will include activities such as diving, climbing and cycling. We’ll be using a Go-Pro for the more creative shots and we are all comfortable with the idea of an activity based video.


Meeting 7 (26/03/15) –

The music for the video has been decided upon and we are all still happy with the idea of an activity video. We believe that this will highlight a huge aspect of life in Malta and is a contrast to the relaxed videos that have previously been created.

Day 1 (27/03/15) –

We arrived in Malta and we were given the brief and an outline of what will be expected of us during this exchange. We have been given our daily schedule and our two groups have become one. Due to this, we will review the ideas already created and come up with a final idea that everyone is happy with. We have used today to settle in and get used to our surroundings. A very positive first day for us all.

Day 2 (28/03/15) –

Today we went and had 3 lectures at St Martin’s Institute of Higher Education. The first lecturer was Dylan Seychell, who helped us to understand our brief and what we could do with our projects. He gave us numerous facts about Malta in order to develop our research and overall understanding of Malta. This lecture was very informative and gave us all a clear insight into what is expected of us.

The second lecture was by a man named Jonathan who is a lecturer of creative computing at St Martin’s. He was informing us about what transmedia is and how it can be utilised via films and games. The film aspect was very enticing and it gave us a deeper understanding of what we could do with our final product.

The third lecture was by Jean Pierre who gave us his perception of transmedia. He named the lecture “Transmedia; A producers perspective”. He enabled us to realise the power of storytelling and gave us useful tips as to how to relate this to our videos. He believes that a good story is the key to a successful product. We will keep this in mind when developing our final idea.

This afternoon, the group met in order to discuss roles and ideas. We have decided that because we have more than 3 camera operators, we would separate in to two groups whilst filming. This way, we save time on filming and get as many shots as possible. We have come to the conclusion that we will do a video following a Malta local on their journey through Good Friday and the Easter celebrations. This way, there is a character and a story for the audience to relate to. Tomorrow, we will meet to solidify and plan out this idea.

Below are some photos of the lectures that took place.

IMG_1632 IMG_1633


Day 3 (29/03/15) –

Today we were taken on a tour of the mid/south of Malta. At first, we drove past Portomaso in order to scout for locations. The locations that we visited today were for cultural knowledge and also for location recce’s. All of the locations that we visited today has broadened our knowledge on Malta’s heritage and has opened our eyes up to possible shooting locations. After Portomaso, we had a look at Sliema. The views were magnificent and it is a spot that looks adequate for filming. We then proceeded to Marsaxlokk where we spent a couple of hours capturing photos and footage of the idyllic fishing village. From there, we went through Tarxien to the Blue Grotto. This was a stunning location that we will consider filming at. Continuing, we visited a megalithic temple at Hagar Qim. This allowed us to get up close and personal with a massive part of Maltese history and culture.

Day 4 (30/03/15) –

This morning we visited Mdina; one of the walled cities in Malta. It was a lovely location for filming and it gave us all a new experience of how people from different countries’ live. It was completely opposite to any city we had ever seen which could be a good thing to base a video on. We continued on from there to Birgu, where we visited various churches and an old bakery. We also got to look around one of the oldest houses in Malta. From here, we travelled to Fort Rinella before moving on to Fort Ricasoli. This is where numerous movies have been shot and was a great location to visit as future content producers.

In the afternoon, we held a group meeting to finalise our idea. We are going to follow a local around their time at the parade on Good Friday. The interview audio we be over the top of cinematic shots from the parade. These will mainly consist of faces and emotions in order to capture the hearts of the audience. Emotions are something that everyone can connect and relate to. This in turn, sells the story in a highly effective manner.

In the evening, we preceded to Valetta where we participated in a ghost tour. The tour was a very valuable experience and was something else that we could cover as part of a separate video. Whilst song the tour, we went past the church that we will be filming on Friday in order to get an idea of the location.


























Day 5 (31/03/15) –

Mosta was our first stop on today’s tour. As soon as we saw the church, it became clear that it would be an ideal location for filming. The parade stops there, so one half of the crew will be filming in that location. Following this, we visited the Malta Aquarium. St Paul’s Bay was the next stop on the map for us. We feel as though this location would be suitable for mini projects.

From St Paul’s, we travelled to Mellieha and spent some time there. Shortly after, we visited the Popeye village to see where the movie was filmed. This again, was a useful experience. Continuing, we went to Golden Bay, where we spent an hour on the beach to unwind before coming back to the hotel to complete preproduction.

We have had a meeting to discuss the main video. We are going to split into two groups and create two videos. One  will be a day in the life of a local and the other one will be a story of a business owner. We will then create a mini video series including the original activity video.



























Day 6 (01/04/15) –

Today we travelled to Gozo. We spent a couple of hours in Victoria and found the location of Gozo Adventures, where we will be filming tomorrow. We took a look around the city before heading to the retreat where we are spending the night. We then continued to the Azure Window and stayed there until sunset. We managed to capture this and various other pieces of footage during our few hours there. Today has been a good learning experience for us because there were numerous problems with the conditions. The mist/spray from the sea was getting on to the lenses which made it extremely difficult to film. Now we know what to do in future in case we ever have to film in similar situations again. We also visited Red Sands, which was a lovely location and would be an ideal location for a beach compilation video.




















Day 7 (02/04/15) –

Today has been a hectic day of filming. We went out to Victoria and met with the activity leader at Gozo Adventures. We captured the cycle tour around Gozo. This meant that we went through Ghasri Amelia’s and back to Ghasri. Along the way, we stopped off at Dimitri Chapel and plenty of cliff faces. We managed to get some great shots with the Go-Pro and multiple DSLR’s. From the cycling, we moved on to rock climbing. This was slightly more tricky to film due to the terrain. We got footage and an interview so today was successful in terms of filming. However, we have learnt that we need to be more organised and work together as a team. Today has given us the ideal learning curve to deal with tomorrow’s shoot.

After Gozo, we travelled back to Malta and had a group meeting about tomorrow. We have created shooting schedules and call sheets in order to be more organised. We clarified what people will be doing tomorrow and everyone is clear on what to do when it comes to the shoot. This way, team work and arrangement becomes easier.

Day 8 (03/04/15) –

Today was our main day of filming. We split into two and travelled to various locations. Group 1 visited Valletta, whilst group 2 visited Mosta and Birgu. Both teams were successful and got all the shots that they needed. The shoots went well and everyone learnt from yesterday’s mistakes. Teamwork improved and problems were dissolved. Everything ran smoothly and everyone had a great shoot.


















Day 9 (04/04/15) –

Today was a rest day to relax after the busy day yesterday. Everyone logged their footage and rested to get ready for the additional shots we will be filming tomorrow.


Day 10 (05/04/15) – 

Part of the group went out filming today whilst the others stayed in to edit and review previously captured footage. All additional shots have been filmed and presentations are being complied for Wednesday evening. 

Day 11 (06/04/15) – 

Edits have been taking place today and presentations have been prepared for Wednesday. 

Day 12 (07/04/15) – 

The final edits have been completed and the presentation has been finalised for tomorrow’s event. Everyone is prepared and knows what to do tomorrow evening. 

Day 13 (08/04/15) –

Today we went to the south of Malta and visited caves and saw some amazing sites as a reward for finishing the edits. We also visited another temple and spent the day relaxing before the presentation/gala. 

This evening, we presented our videos to the Mayor of Valletta, tourist board members and our teachers. Everyone was pleased by the end results and the presentation went extremely well. After the presentation, we had one last meal as a group and with the aforementioned people. It has been a great way to end this amazing learning experience.

Day 14 (09/04/15) – 

We flew home today and everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their experience in Malta. This opportunity will stay with us all forever and we will write evaluations as soon as possible. The trip was a learning curve for all and everyone has developed their work and social skills beyond expectations. 

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