Project Timeline

Revised Timetable of Major Milestones

The diagram below sets out the amended process and timeline that we will undertake to select participants for each flow, and delivery schedules thereafter.
Extending the timeline of delivery has also given us a chance to develop a more robust and transparent process, allowing broadcasting students across both senior years an equal opportunity to apply and be considered for involvement with this project.
We propose the project timetable set our below. The process will be reviewed after each of the first and second flows, to ascertain whether any changes or improvements need to be made.
Stage 1:
Define and develop a selection process
(Present – October 2013)

Stage 2:
Selection process to be announced to potential participants
(October 2013)

Stage 3:
Selection of participants made based on the criteria created at Stage One
(December 2013)

Stage 4:
Organise visits

Stage 5:
(Repeat stages 2 – 5 after each flow)

Provisional Dates – Visits to Malta
Flow 1: 21st February 2014 – 8th March 2014
Flow 2: 31st October 2014 – 15th November 2014 (subject to minor alteration)
Flow 3: 21st February 2015 – 7th March 2015 (subject to minor alteration)
Project End Date
31st May 2015

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