The first thing that we talked about was our initial research. Eleanor is in charge of the research and so she came up with our research plan. Her plan was for her to research all of the topics that she would need to in Malta before we go. In addition to that, the remainder of the group would research two topics each, giving a much greater depth to our research. We all agreed with that idea and our deadline is for the meeting on Tuesday 28th January. Another important point made was that we need to focus our research and make it relevant to us instead of bringing research back to the group that really won’t have much to do with our project.

The topics are as follows:

Luke: Heritage and Politics
Jodie: Culture and Landmarks
Connor: Tourist videos and Mannerisms
Laythan: National Monuments and Audience

Another thing the group decided on was that we would write our own profile for the wordpress website. Our profile should include aspirations, roles, name, age, previous Experience, interests and why we’re going to Malta. A photo shoot was also conducted for our profile. We could not decided on a team name and so decided to leave it as Mobility Team 2 until we think of a suitable replacement. Basic rules of etiquette expected of the entire group were also established. One of our main rules was that the project must always be the main focus of the trip.

For the next meeting we will discuss what our roles really mean, as well as finishing our profile.


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