Proposed schedule

The schedule below is subject to change

Theme: A Guidebook to Malta
Week 1
Day 1
Orientation – SMSC
Objective and Theme
Introduction to Malta
Presentation from client – Malta Tourism Authority
Impact of media on Society

pm – Taking a Media Product into market – Distribution, exhibition, packaging, working with agents, markets, festivals, platforms
Case studies including Maltese Film
Talk on Tourism and Culture
Get into production groups
Networking Meal and socialise

Day 2
am – Maltese Film industry including legal constraints
Financing and filming opportunities
Idea development

pm – Discuss Production Brief
In Groups: pre-production – conduct research (outside classroom setting)
Cultural Tours

Day 3
Pre-production, synopsis, production schedule, interview
Recce and risk assessments of potential locations
Bonding and networking dinner

Day 4
Complete Pre-production
Begin production (gathering footage including interviews)

Day 5
Productions (gathering footage)
Evening: Visit to Gozo or other attraction

Travel and sightseeing activities – More details to follow

Week 2

Day 6
Introduction to Post-production
Using Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid

pm – begin offline edit – transcribing interviews, shot logging, paper edits and capture footage

Day 7
Offline editing (rough edit)
Bonding and networking dinner

Day 8
Online editing (final edit)
Heritage site visit

Day 9
am – Finishing touches to edit

pm – Presentation of final productions and feedback focus group/client

Day 10
am – Review, evaluate and reflect
Feedback form

Pm – Networking and wind-down

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