The group went to recce in Marsaxlokk as part of the schedule. When we got there we were informed that one of our group leaders had liaised with a traditional Maltese fish restaurant and organised a shoot day there. The group decided to split up with Luke, Eleanor and Kenneth filming inside the restaurant and Laythan, Jodie, Connor and Noel continuing on the recce.
The restaurant, Ir-Rizzu, was very hospitable and welcoming. The general vision for the piece was to show the entire process of how the fish is served, starting from when it is bought from the market, going through it being prepared in the kitchen to it being served to customers. We were fortunate enough to be treated to lunch by the restaurant and we were served fish soup, fishcakes and carnival cake.
Meanwhile, the other group continued to recce around the harbor, trying to imagine the market when it will be bustling. The group was also informed of the deep history of the fish market and we discussed putting that visually into the piece with a shot of a statue. We were also looking around for another local restaurant that we could film at for the piece. We did not want to use the first restaurant that we filmed at, Ir-Rizzu and our director wanted outside tables. A restaurant that had the look that we needed was la capanna.
The next stop on the recce was Birgu. One of the things that we looked at was a restaurant called Sottovento. The fish restaurant was viewed as a potential shot place as it had dinner tables outside that were overlooking the grand harbor. This was also seen as a good transition into some shots in Valletta if we needed one. The next stop was the Sliema waterfront. Although there was nothing that seemed to quite fit with what we were looking for, we noticed that it was a very upper class affluent area. It was also noticed from our director that it was a very minimalist area and had a very blue feel.
The recce group were then planning on having a recce in Palazzo Falson, the museum from earlier in the week, however, the negotiations to film in there were still ongoing. The group then took the scenic route to St. Paul’s catacombs in order to recce some Mdina streets:
The groups then met back up at the catacombs to recce. One initial problem that we thought that we might have with the catacombs was the lighting as it is a cave. However when we got there we discovered that the lights that were provided down there were extremely sufficient, as they would provide enough light whilst not making it look too unnatural.

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