Team Profiles

Team profile




Name: George Roden

Age: 17
Role: Cameraman


  1. A good sense of visual composition, perspective and movement, combining creativity with technical skills.
  2. Precise attention to detail combined with effective communication skills.
  3. Initiative and the ability to respond quickly to many different situations.
  4. Stamina and strength combined with agility and speed are essential attributes, as is manual dexterity, as is the ability to work comfortably on location or in the studio at heights or in challenging situations. The job is physically demanding, the hours are long and the work is very hands-on.

About: I have past work with cameras where I have worked on various locations sets and with a number of different people and genera of content.Some of the past work I have done is with into the various genres Documentary, Sport, Factual, news and a number of different interview set up’s.


IMG_0238Name: Robin Parker
Age: 17
Roles: Camera operator/editor

Skills: camera operating, editing, creative writing, research

About: I really enjoy doing practical work on film shoots, playing about with cameras and finding the best shots. In the past I have really enjoyed working on any kind of shoot, small or large scale. I also enjoy the creative writing process and coming up with ideas. I find it really fascinating to see things go from script to screen, especially my own ideas or scripts.


Shaquille Chambers
Age: 17
Role: Production Manager


  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Have strong problem-solving skills.
  • Highly developed communication skills.
  • Work well under pressure.
  • I have strong IT skills, and knowledge of the relevant computer packages.

As a production manager I am responsible for all the organizational aspects of the production scheduling and budgeting. I assist the Producer to interpret and realize the Directors vision, financially and logistically.
I will prepare production schedules to confirm that a sufficient time has been allocated for all aspects of the production process.


IMG_1138Name: Rosie Mason
Age: 17
Role: Director

Skills: excellent organisational skills, leadership skills, directional skills. I can lead a team to victory and I have had many experiences in which I have lead a team to victory and success.

About: As a director I am responsible for a team of people and I can direct and guide 5 other students to the ultimate goal of success.



BrendanCachiaName: Brendan Cachia
Age: 20

Skills: Leadership, Adaptability, Coordination, Working well under pressure with tight schedules, Windows, WordPress, Technical and Systems Support, Eager Learner, Good Communication Skills.

Interests: New Technologies, Microsoft, Microsoft Lumia (Former Nokia Devices), Windows (Pro, RT, Phone, Server), Cloud, Wearables, Gadgets, Computer Hardware, IT News, Research, Product Previews and Reviews, PC Gaming.

About: From the lovely island of Malta. Student at St. Martin’s Institute of Higher Education reading for a University of London Degree in Computing and Information Systems. Have a consistent amount of knowledge in technology, increasing every day. Used to also participate in my secondary school film and editing crew, which would help me understand more the project aim and target from different angles.


JurgenBaldacchinoName: Jurgen Baldacchino
Age: 18

About: I am a very active person who likes to be out and about, constantly on the move. Apart from being a computer guy, I’m also very sporty. I like being given challenges as it motivates me to get out of my comfort zone. Used to play basketball in my junior days then moved on to bodybuilding in my senior days to the present day. I also like meeting new people and getting to know different viewpoints on different aspects and subjects.

Hobbies: Bodybuilding, Endurance training, Weight training, Running, Research on cars and bodybuilding, Photography, Music, Video games, Watching Series, Quotes, Swimming, Cliff, Diving,

Skills: Website creation and editing, Photography enthusiast, Being on the move, high level of stamina and endurance, Highly adaptable to any given situation or challenge, Very competitive and also a perfectionist, Motivating my team and ensuring the best results possible, Keen to learn new areas

Favourite Quote: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” – Mae West


sashademchukName: Demchuk Oleksandr
Age: 19

Skills: Good communication skills, ability to work in a team and motivate a team to achieve goals, ability to work under pressure, organizational skills, responsibility.

Hobbies: swimming, reading, watching movies, cars, latest IT Technologies, travelling. Through my sport endeavours, like Boxing (was training for 6 years) I came in contact with many people, thus improving my communication skills.

About: At the moment I am studying at St Martins Institute of Higher Education for a Degree in Computer Information Systems. I consider myself to have a very friendly character. I would describe myself as a responsible and hardworking person, who is tolerant and flexible to different situations, with the ability to work under pressure. I like learning from professionals and I am interested in working with people with whom I can share my interests and experiences thus enlarging possibilities both for myself, my colleagues.


alysacachiaName: Alysa Cachia
Age: 22

About: I am a second year student, reading for a Degree in Computing and Information Systems with the University of London, at St. Martin’s Institute of Higher Education.
Prior to registering for this course I had very basic knowledge of what IT offers, however that has changed. During my studies I have found the course to be of great interest, being mostly intrigued by subjects which allow us to develop a product. My obtained skills still require refining, however with determination and perseverance that is a barrier I intend to break.

Interest: The MarBoa project was something I had previously read about from a received school email during summer and immediately struck a liking to it. However, due to previous work commitments I was unable to attend. Thus, when I heard of the possibility to enrol as part of an extra-curricular activity, I immediately grasped the opportunity.
Personally I believe that this will allow me to gather new knowledge in other fields which collaborate with technology in order to be able to develop a satisfactory product.

Skills: Work well within a team, Perfectionist in my own way, Communication and organisation skills, Perseverance and motivation


JeremyVassalloName: Jeremy Vassallo
Age: 24

Hobbies: Playing and developing video games, music, watching films(classic and modern), watching series, martial arts(aikido), eating sushi(It is a hobby), reading comics, manga and books, swimming and basketball

Skills: Has experience with a team, focuses a lot on research, uses windows and office features, a perfectionist, Creative with stuff in disposal, extremely determined, has experience with image processing software.

About: I want to try out some more creative methods, being a game designer is nice but it is too restrictive and can be problematic in a world were the environment changes fast. I am hoping that with this experience I can be placed outside my comfort zones and I will be forced to try out new techniques.


AllanAmatoGauciName: Allan Amato-Gauci
Age: 19

About: After living in Sweden for 5 years I have returned to Malta in order to become a part in our growing IT industry. I enjoy learning about many different things and using that knowledge in order to create something that I can be proud of.

Skills: Improvisation, Adaptability, Programming, Analysation, Research, Amateur Media Manipulation

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